Stop Endorsing Sports Figures and Celebrities: Do This Instead (It Pays!)

Name brand companies only have power because we as the people continue to give them power. While they rake in billions of dollars, making business moves to please their share holders, we as consumers continue to purchase their products in the name of being socially accepted. But what if we changed the status quo? What if we started supporting our friends by promoting their brands instead? The possibilities and ripple effects of positivity are endless.


Sports Figures and Celebrities: They Live The Good Life

You see them on TV, listen to them on the radio, consume their latest content on YouTube and on other social media platforms. You’re their biggest supporter and gladly give them money for the value they provide but chances are you or you’re friends are probably still not, as Tai Lopez would say… “Living the Good Life.” That doesn’t seem very fun, does it?

The reason you’re not yet living the good life is because you’re still supporting these sports figures and celebrities. They’ve got multi-million dollar opportunities coming to them every single day because you as the consumer will continue to pay for it. I mean think about it, we’re literally funding their lifestyles. Now I’m not bashing celebrities or sports figures, they do provide value and we as the consumer should appreciate that. But don’t you think it’s time that you got a piece of it?

Keep It In The Family

We’ve all seen signs or commercials that say “support your local businesses!” The reason we see these messages is because local businesses are what enable communities to thrive. If you’re already spending money, why not have it go towards your friends and family instead?

If you have a friend who’s wanting to start some sort of brand or service, you should be their first customer! You should want to see your friends and family members be successful. If you don’t want them to be successful, yet don’t mind giving your money to some celebrity you don’t even know, then something is definitely wrong with your values.

By supporting your friends and family members on their endeavors, you’re going to feel good about helping them out and the natural law of reciprocity will kick in. Those that you’ve helped will want to help you out as well when you decide to go into business for yourself.

How You Can Benefit

Start a business or brand! Focus on what you believe in and you will create a tribe of people who already care about what you care about. I hear it all the time, “I don’t know what I’m good at” or “what value can I bring?” We all have something we’re passionate about, something we believe in or at least something that interests us and that’s really all you need to move forward.

If you believe that your idea is ridiculous or that no one would ever watch what you would have to say online, go slap yourself in the face. Self doubt is a natural occurrence but it shouldn’t stop you from taking action. Need validation that you don’t really need a great idea to be successful? Here’s proof.

These people are making thousands from their YouTube video advertisements by getting millions of views…. OPENING TOYS. Ridiculous right? I agree, but if there’s an audience out there who will watch someone unbox toys.. then you definitely don’t need a great idea or talent to be successful.

The Time Is Now

Social media has given us a huge opportunity to be, do, and have anything we want. If you want to be known as the cereal guy who buys cereal, rates their taste and critiques the box then be that person! If you want to start a clothing brand with unicorns on the pockets, I’m pretty sure there would be people who would buy it. If you want to create custom hacky-sacks made out of hemp and sell them to health conscious people.. do that! If any of those ideas sound stupid.. just remember that this guy made over $10k/mo writing on freaking Potatoes.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. But if you have some talents, interests, or hobbies then you should take advantage of them while the opportunity is still around and encourage your family and friends to do the same. You’ll not only put more money in your pocket but you’ll be putting more money in your loved ones pockets as well. And who knows, you might just get social-media famous along the way and inspire a generation to also be and do anything they want.

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