Living Life With Intention

I used to be a drifter. Whatever I wanted to do I’d do. I didn’t have any real sense of direction. Maybe it was my youth and wanting to try new things. Everything life that I did revolved around pleasure. Heightening the senses through drugs, alcohol, sex, partying and random trips. Nothing was directed and […]

One Year Sober: What Giving Up Alcohol Is Really Like

Imagine you’re on your death bed. You’re old, wrinkly, disabled, and ready to croak. Suddenly, you slip away and you’re met with a white light. “God, is that you?” You’re unsure what to believe. All of a sudden, you see a familiar face approach you. Shocked and in disbelief, it’s you. Except this version of […]

Making A Career Change At 30

There’s something about making a career change at 30 that triggers a lot of emotional responses. It didn’t help that I quit drinking alcohol 6-months ago, although in retrospect, it’s helped a lot. I’ve finally started to learn more about myself, the ways that I’ve been, and why I’ve taken on some of the jobs […]

Authentic Marketing

Scrolling through my Facebook and Instagram feeds has become a bombardment of advertisements full of rented lambo’s, AirBNB’d mansions, staged jet photos, and miscellaneous lifestyle pics galore. Where has the authenticity gone? Is authentic marketing a thing of the past? Look, I get it, the lifestyle sells. You want to address a problem, address that […]

Unfollow Everyone On Instagram and Jumpstart Your Life Again

If you’re wondering how to unfollow everyone everyone on Instagram, you’ve probably got good reason to. Maybe it’s taking up to much of your time, your mental health comes first, or you just can’t stand seeing fake people pretend like their life is one-hundred percent grand at all times. Or maybe you’re like me and […]

Creating A Minimum Viable Product Should Not Be This Hard

Since getting into the tech world, I’ve started to learn a lot about startups. The what to do’s, the what not to do’s and everything else in-between. One of those on the to-do list is to create what’s called a minimum viable product, also known as an MVP. What is a Minimum Viable Product? An […]

20 Things I Learned In My 20’s

Today is my 30th birthday. Crazy how fast time flies. Today was normal as usual. I woke up, went to an appointment, came home, watched some Champions League Footy and then went to the gym after a hearty meal. During today’s workout I was able to have some time for reflection: Here are 20 things […]

Mobile Passport Guide: Glide Through U.S. Customs

Traveling abroad can be great. You’ve planned your trip, purchased your flights, booked your stay and are ready for your next adventure. The day arrives, you get on your flight, enjoy your trip and are saddened by the fact that you have to return home. The travel blues set in as you arrive back into […]