How A Northern California Road Trip Brought Clarity To My Life

If you’ve ever been stressed out, unhappy, not reaching your goals as soon as you expected to like I was – then you probably need to take a Northern California Road Trip. Why? Well for starters road trips are amazing. It’s you and the road, your friends, and no real agenda for what’s going to happen. That sense of uncertainty can at first be a bit scary but when you’re living in the moment nothing else really matters. And when it seems like life just couldn’t get any worse, an escape is exactly what you need to give yourself peace of mind.

I recently bought a brand new Lumix GH4 mirrorless camera and I am absolutely in love with it. Not only is it lightweight but it films in 4K (Super HD if you didn’t know what 4K was.) While I didn’t film our particular trip in 4K, 1080p is still ridiculous on this camera. Here’s some highlights from our trip to San Francisco and Santa Cruz.

Go Take Your San Francisco Road Trip ASAP

For starters my good friend Lucky (yes, that’s his real name) moved from Maryland to Oakland so I’d always known it was only a matter of time before I made the 3 hour trip from Fresno to the Bay to go visit him.

Little did I know, my friend Matt from Tennessee was going to making a trip San Francisco, so we all decided to link up and make one big Northern California road trip adventure out of it all!

How This Trip Brought Clarity To My Life

When life is hitting you down and you don’t seem to have any strength left to continue your business ventures or you’re stuck at a job, getting away with friends who share the same vision as you is exactly what you need.

You’ll also learn a lot by being around your friends. They’ll teach you things without even saying it. My friend Matt taught me that we should always pursue what our heart tells us to do. He’s decided to go to a ministry school out in Florida because he just knew it’s what he needs to do.

Luck taught me that you should never judge anyone and you should just accept people as they are. Even if you don’t like something about them, you aren’t on this earth to judge them, you’re here to be their friend and to life them up as a human being.

Overall this trip taught me to live in the now. The past has happened but no longer exists, the future has yet to happen and that “the now” is really all we have.

What have you learned about yourself by going on a road trip with friends? Where would you recommend going? Let me know in the comments below.

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