How Are You Moving Humanity Forward?

Money, cars, clothes, jewelry, exotic vacations, penthouse living, mansion parties, yacht sailing, being young, good looking––I wager that these are all common ideals of what being successful is to the masses. And while all very admirable goals, how do any of these give back to humanity?

moving humanity forward

I’ve been reading Elon Musks self-titled biography and it dawned on me: this dude is really giving back to humanity in a big way. He’s created PayPal to ease the use of online transactions and how we exchange money. SolarCity is a leading pioneer in creating a sustainable planet ran on renewable energy. Tesla is leading the way in electric vehicles, leading the way in eliminating green house gases and our dependency on fossil fuels. And then there’s SpaceX, leading the way with cost effective space exploration, not to mention the goal of colonizing Mars.

Elon has inspired me to live a more purposeful life. I’m not saying I’ll change the world but perhaps I can change my neighborhood and then work my way up to changing the city I live in and possibly make help the city I live in go 100% renewable energy. I’d love for every restaurant, home, place of business, and building to be ran off clean renewable energy. That would be fucking awesome.

Will it take a lot of work, time, money, hours, sweat, tears, sleepless nights, and unforeseeable obstacles? You’re absolutely right. But if I can create a change that big, then I’ll have left an impact on this earth that generations to come will remember. That is living with purpose. That is moving humanity forward.

It’s sad that there’s a lack of innovation. “Innovation” nowadays can be described as getting more clicks to an advertisement or a way to generate more online leads and sales. Or how to work less but achieve more rewards in your life for doing next to nothing. What happened to flying cars? What about time travel? Jumping to different dimensions?

I’m all about leveraged income and living a life of abundance and freedom. Trust me, I am not against your personal goals. I simply implore you to explore the possibilities of moving humanity forward. What can you do? What will your legacy be? How can your small daily actions be a beacon of hope for futures generations? How will you inspire the masses and lead the charge?

Martin Luther King Jr said “I have a dream,” he didn’t say, “I have a plan!” So it’s okay if you don’t know where to start or exactly what to do. Just have a dream and take action to play your part in some massive change that makes you feel like you’re a part of something amazing that is helping humanity move forward.

Start in your community. Many American’s have pride going over seas or to less fortunate countries and building homes for others, yet there is poverty here in our very own streets. Make the change where you are and take care of your neighbors first.

You can volunteer at your local community shelter, give out blankets to the homeless during the winter, reduce your meat consumption as it’s a huge contributor to green house gas emissions and global warming as a whole, reduce your plastic bottle consumption by cutting out plastic bottles by getting a Kangen water machine, watch eye opening documentaries and be an information seeker rather than letting the news tell you how the world is, etc.

There’s a whole lot we can do to make an impact and move humanity forward. All of the ideas and suggestions mentioned above have helped cultivate an inspired and purposeful mindset towards how I live my life. But if there’s one thing you can really do to make an impact, it’s to take care of yourself. Exercise, drink lots of water, eat nutritious plant based food, meditate, pray to your god, love, laugh, travel, compliment others, give hugs, etc.

When you take care of yourself, your family doesn’t have to worry about you and then they can focus on building themselves up. The best way to take care of each other is to take care of ourselves. This is how we can move humanity forward and also how we as a people can create the space necessary for future innovators. That’s my rant. Be purposeful with this life, to my knowledge it’s all we’ve got.

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