The Advice That Shifted My Entrepreneurial Perspective

It was the year 2010 and I had just started my first blog. I was younger, hungry for knowledge as I still am today, and wanting to know whatever it took to make money online. Like many other open minded individuals scouring the search results of Google, a common thread I started seeing was all about starting your own niche website. The idea was very cool and logically made sense, so I went for it and never looked back.


Thousands of dollars in automated sales later, one affiliate program after the other, I was raking in the cash. There was just one tiny bit of information that was left out: IT’S A LOT OF WORK. Most of the time the niches I got into were one’s that I had no knowledge of whatsoever. I literally had to learn everything, become an expert, and then give sound advice for it.

While it’s awesome learning about new subjects, providing solutions to users problems, etc. It’s a huge pain in the arse to actually learn everything and then teach it in the form of unique quality content that Google will love. It’s almost like taking one of those prerequisite college courses that you needed to graduate but really had no interest in. Yet you still had to do it. Know that feel?

One day while on Facebook, I was talking to a fellow affiliate of this high ticket offer we were both promoting and my website and his were going head to head in the search engines. Seeing the competition, we were able to connect and exchange ideas to help each other get better rankings for our offer. Higher rankings equates to more cash.

After checking out his website (I killed him in design) I noticed that his content was second to none. Literally every time I would check back to his website, there would be a new article that was at least 1,000 words long and quality as fuck. I thought to myself.. what does this guy know that I don’t?

So I asked him: “hey, where do you find the time to write all of these articles? You seem super knowledgeable and are killing it on the leader boards.” He was banking about $35,000/mo at this point in time. He gave me the best advice any fellow entrepreneur has ever given me.

“Write? Chris, I’m a great writer but I’m not a writer. I’m an entrepreneur. I hire writers to do the work for me.”

Remember how you felt when Boise State won the Fiesta Bowl over the Oklahoma Sooners with the statue of liberty play? Take that feeling and apply it to this moment in time. I had just discovered something soo new and soo profound that it shifted my entire perspective on business entirely.

Since that day, I have still written a couple of articles for some of my niche websites, but this new project I’ve been working on has almost been 100% outsourced in regards to content.

The Feel Good Factor

Paying other people who are already experts is a very good feeling. They’re providing value to you, are great seo article writers, and get the job done in a timely manner. Days now are typically me checking into the back office, reviewing the content, and choosing which articles are good to go and which one’s aren’t. The one’s that I like I’ll copy and paste into my new website and will give the writer a green checkmark for a job well done. They receive their funds and everyone is happy.

A New Experience: Time Freedom

If you’re how I used to be and are used to writing your own articles for your niche sites, I wold highly recommend outsourcing your work to experts who know what they’re talking about. I saved myself a lot of time, energy, and money by making this choice. A new experience has even happened: I’ve felt bored! Haha! My idea of “grinding” was literally just that, trying to figure out what the heck I was talking about in the articles I was producing. Now, I just hang out all day and realize that I’m still working, just not on the mundane tasks that I knew were valuable to my business but that I just didn’t want to do. I now have the time freedom to create sales funnels, create awesome video content with my 4k camera, and follow up with leads.

Final Word

If you’re big into network marketing, get rid of this idea that you need to be out there prospecting everyone and their mother. Find a bridge between your customer and the product that your company has to offer, and provide unique valuable content that way through the form of a blog. Over time your blog will attract thousands of visitors, you can convert those visitors into leads, and then funnel them through to your company products and business opportunity on 100% auto-pilot. The internet is here to stay and traditional network marketing still works, it’s time for you to adapt to the times. Create the website and then outsource the article work and invest into your business. I did it and the results are beginning to pay dividends, when will you?

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