24 Facebook Friends Give Advice To Their Younger Selves

I wanted to gain a perspective of what advice others would give to their former selves. Although I could have done a simple Google search, I decided to ask my social network. I turned to Facebook and asked, “what advice would you give to your younger self?”

Advice to younger self

While Facebook can be used to kill time, it can also be a place of great value. You can find inspirational videos, quotes and various other thought topics that will surely stir your intellectual palette.

Of course, it always helps if you follow the right pages. And if you don’t follow pages or people that post such material, then perhaps you should be the source of inspiration to create the

Being sarcastic myself, I expected some sarcastic answers of course, but I didn’t think I’d receive such serious answers, at least not from whom I expected. Which really goes to show that we have no idea what internal battles others are facing, nor how optimistic others truly are.

I decided to do that.

Here is their advice to their younger selves.

“Put the bottle down and deal with your problems head on.”

–– Brandon

“Move to Yosemite when you’re 18!”

–– Justin

“Don’t be afraid to try something new.”

–– Jeremy

“Buy stock in things that have silly names like Google and Uber.”

–– Carl

“Having good credit is important lol”

–– Josh

“Use a condom dumbass…. lol I love my kiddos still.”

–– Robert

“Keep all the bit coins I had when I was younger.”

–– Jaime

“Work harder.”

–– Galen

“Drop of out high school.”

–– Juan

“Play soccer everyday, search for how to train on your own, and join a competitive club earlier.”

–– Connor

“Learn to finesse and sell people over the phone.”

–– David

“Giving up is NEVER an option.”

–– Paola

“It’s gonna be ok.”

–– Brooke

“Get a degree in something that pays right out of college *cough* engineering, instead of a degree that requires you to take more schooling to get a good paying job.”

–– Matt

“Stay in the states and dedicate yourself to playing soccer!”

–– Robbie

“Travel. A lot.”

–– Edris

“Don’t let yourself think that your sexuality is your only worth. Don’t let the demons of self deprecating thoughts, tear down your internal value. Because when you take charge of your spirit, and own who you are, things will fall in to place.”

–– Lauren

“Don’t drop out of highschool, you could utilize the skills you learned to cook crystal meth, which has an INSANE profit margin.”

–– Dennis

“Follow through.”

–– Byron

“Oh Man you know what happens when you mess with the space time continuum. I tell myself about A.I. and I return to a earth ran by robots!!! I’m coo my younger self can figure it out the same way I did!! Hahahaha”

–– Josh

“Invest in more stocks! Don’t dump all into one stock unless you know where the company is going/ has contracts in place to really boom on the stock floor. Also, be kinder to others. That’s what I’d say to anyone in their younger self.”

–– Bryson

“Relax, everything will be OKAY.”

–– Cindy

“Drop your mind, you will find that clarity and space everyone seeks.
A deep awareness and a formless unidentified state. Your wholeness, your most abundant state of intelligence. Home. What everyone seeks in their lifetime:)”

–– Chava

“Don’t move out when you turn 18! Go to school full time and stay with your mom until you finish!”

–– Shannon

There seems to be a common thread of financial gain, taking a deep breath when times are tough, and going out on a limb when it comes to achieve specific goals.

We all want to live fully, we simply do it in different ways. One thing for sure is that as humans we always reach for the highest branch. We strive to be the best we can be, not by anyone else’s standards but by our own.

Who’s advice did you resonate with the most? Share in the comments below!

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