Niche Site Empire 001: The Marketing Hiatus Is Over

niche site empire marketing hiatus

After a long hiatus from teaching internet marketing, I’ve decided to not necessarily directly teach but to document the site I’m currently working on and how we’re going to build a niche site empire from scratch to a $2,000/mo passive income website (and that’s just the beginning). I’ve seen people literally become frauds online all […]

We All Have This Problem and We Need To Change


You’re hanging out with your friends in some social setting. It’s a Friday night. Scratch that. You’re actually out and about having lunch with some friends, sipping on some wine or a beer. Whatever your poison is. As you run through the formalities, conversation starts to get a bit dull as you relive memories of […]

It’s Amazing What You Can Accomplish When No One Cares Who Gets The Credit


Legendary basketball coach John Wooden was one quoted saying that it’s amazing what you can accomplish when on one cares who get’s the credit. Golden State Warriors General Manager Bob Myer’s also said the same thing at the Warrior’s Celebration in Oakland, California to celebrate the franchise’s 2015 NBA Title. Together Each Achieve More Focusing […]