an open letter to women from cowards

An Open Letter to Women From Cowards: We’re Sorry

We’re sorry for creating the possibility of something greater, when truly we simply weren’t ready for all of your love. We’re sorry for opening up to you and for creating the space for you to become vulnerable and open up as well. We’re sorry we created a safe space, a place you could share your fears, beliefs, goals, dreams and darkest secrets––only to betray your trust. We’re sorry we couldn’t commit.

an open letter to women from cowards

We’re sorry we didn’t show up as the man you thought we were. We were much too concerned with our selfish thoughts, insecurities, and self-limiting beliefs that we failed to realize your true value. We’re sorry for lusting over other women, forgetting that the love we were seeking was right in front of us the entire time. We’re sorry for lying, when all you wanted was honesty.

We’re sorry for letting our insecurities get the best of us when you were nothing but faithful. We’re sorry for not being supportive of your goals and dreams. We’re sorry for letting our ego’s get the best of us, when all you wanted was support, trust, and love. We’re sorry for focusing on what we believed were your weaknesses, when what we should have focused on were your strengths.

We’re sorry for breaking your trust, when all you wanted was commitment. We’re sorry for the nights we made you weep due to our foolish words and choices. We’re sorry for putting your friends through hours of late night phone calls, when all they wanted was the best for you. We’re sorry for your co-workers seeing you in a state of sadness, when joy and happiness is what they were accustomed to seeing. We’re sorry for the stress we’ve caused your family, from seeing their baby girl hurt.

We’re sorry we didn’t take responsibility and take the time to work on ourselves, when a man––not a boy––is what you deserved. We’re sorry for planting seeds of a future together, when we secretly feared it ourselves. We’re sorry for not protecting you and creating a place of security for you. We’re sorry for not stepping up. We’re sorry for hurting you, and finally, we’re sorry for wasting your time.

On behalf of cowards everywhere, we wish you nothing but love and happiness.

Thank you for being you. You are valued, you are loved, and you are worth it. We just failed to see it.


–– Cowards

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